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conversations & Cocktails

Bringing awareness to a new local event through a quirky identity and website.

Print design
UI/UX Design


the challenge

A local distillery is hosting a cocktail-making class for young adults. Participants will learn to create five summer cocktails using local and fresh ingredients while also learning about the distillery's production and background. The event provides an opportunity for people to mingle and learn something new.


The design aesthetic is inspired by Arbutus' vintage illustrative vibe, but with a unique twist. The goal is to create a space for young people to try a new skill and meet new people, separate from the established distillery aesthetic. The design principles aim to accentuate the bold, juicy, and crisp flavors of summer and spirits.


Poster Design

The approach

As my initial instinct was to keep the design illustrative. The first few sketches and mood boards demonstrated this through geometrical shapes and texture while still upholding a bright and bold colour palette. After sketching out quite a few variations of composition and concept, I was starting to feel like I had too many ideas and directions to go.


However, as I began to ideate more and consider the theme further I landed on a mix of both photographic and illustrative. I started thinking about the vintage aesthetic that Arbutus holds along with the title of Conversation & Cocktails. This had me thinking of a 1950s housewife hosting a fun cocktail-making party at her home for her and all the neighborhood wives. ‘Causing a stir’ by straying from their regular homemaker duties. I decided to add the small illustrative details in order to modernize it slightly and relate it back to the Arbutus aesthetic. I still used some of my initial sketches in terms of determining the composition of design elements.

Brand Debrief Grid.jpg

Brand Guidelines

C&C-Wireframe Layout.jpg
the result

The strong visuals and mixing of two ‘mediums’ through photography and illustration, creates an intriguing identity that aligns to the theme of ‘causing a stir’. The poster stands out in a bold way, but adheres to clean and sophisticated design. The overall aesthetic is fun and cheeky and encapsulates a generation of old souls.


In addition to the print campaign of a poster that can be placed in around universities, bars, and in the distillery, I also designed a website where users can be directed to from the posters to purchase tickets or find out more information about the event. 

For this project the poster was designed using InDesign and Photoshop. The website was designed and prototyped in Figma and then developed using Webflow. 

C7C-Page Span Layout.jpg

High Fidelity

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