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A brand identity and new tool created to simplify information for first-time home buyers.

UI/UX Design
print design

the challenge

Several young first-time home buyers have not been prepared for the steps and hidden financial fees that come with buying a home. Because of this, first time buyers may encounter costs they are not financially ready for, and they may even miss out on valuable tax breaks and financing programs that could save them money. 


Young people need to be able to educate themselves on the steps and financial impacts of buying a home. By providing digestible and educational content in both a digital and print format, young people are more inclined to continue their research and educate themselves on the topic.


StepsAhead Logo

The research

In my research, I aimed to identify the information gaps for first-time home buyers and understand why they feel unprepared. I conducted literature reviews and self-ethnography to identify the missing information and assess the ease of understanding and availability of the content. My research also raised questions about the importance of different pieces of information, how to communicate it effectively, and why the home-buying process is daunting for young people. I collected data through surveys and interviews with recent home buyers and industry experts, discovering that many were unaware of certain costs and incentives and found the online information overwhelming and poorly organized.

My research highlights the need for clearer and more accessible information for first-time home buyers, particularly young people. A solution can benefit from simplifying and organizing the content and providing more comprehensive guidance to support home buyers throughout the process

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Brand Guidelines

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the approach

The research phase showed me that this information needed to be highlighted in a way that is visually interesting and engaging as well as to-the-point and not overly dense. The brand itself needed to feel relatable and positive. Making the user feel optimistic about their financial ability, encouraging them to learn more rather than feeling overwhelmed. For this reason, I designed the content and brand to feel like a supportive tool rather than making such a big goal feel unattainable.


In designing StepsAhead, I aimed to make the content visually engaging, concise, and relatable, with a focus on supporting the user's financial confidence. The brand identity uses playful typography and bold colors to draw a recognizable visual element to the brand and also stimulate viewers to catch their attention. Inclusive imagery of young people enjoying financial freedom is used to convey optimism, reliability, and attainability. The tone of voice was carefully crafted to be friendly and supportive, using language that is positive and approachable.

High Fidelity

The solution

I created StepsAhead, a brand identity for first-time home buyers that condenses important information and tips into a transparent format. A digital Social Media campaign provides daily tips and infographics, seamlessly integrated into users' social media scrolling. Print ad campaigns like posters and billboards offer eye-catching scenarios to promote awareness.


StepsAhead also offers a short but visual guidebook for more in-depth education, while the website provides an introduction to the initial steps and promotes the guidebook's sales. The goal is to empower young potential buyers to seek help, educate themselves, and make informed decisions. Transparent information gives agency over an intimidating subject.

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